Just a brief note to make everyone aware that there are some temporary changes being made at Zion in response to the coronavirus outbreak. It seemed reasonable, due to the fluid nature of things, to simply cancel all events at Zion for Monday through Friday. Thus, no Wednesday Bible Studies, Services, Dinner or Youth.  All other midweek events are also cancelled.  Hopefully we find a way to hold some kind of services this weekend.  Call the church or check the website or Facebook to see if services will be held.  In this critical time, having alternate means of communicating is absolutely necessary.  If you have changed your email or phone number in the last few years, please contact the church office and let us know.  The preferred contact is email but if you don’t have that capability please call.  (319) 393-2013 or   The Elders will be making phone calls to all members this upcoming week to let you know if we have a workable plan for worship.  These plans will include eliminating the need to open doors or push elevator buttons, a sufficient time between services for the sanctuary and family life center to be fully sanitized, and isolating those under age 60 from those over age 60.  When we have a workable plan we will likely contact by both mail and phone.  Life is changing rapidly, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Our hope is secure.

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