Become a Member of Zion Lutheran Church

We welcome anyone who has an interest in joining Zion and encourage non-members to speak with the pastor for specific details.

Pastors of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations typically conduct a series of instruction/membership classes on a regular basis for adults who are interested in joining the congregation or learning more about what the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod believes.   For those who come from a (non-LCMS) Lutheran background, these classes serve as a kind of “refresher” course in Lutheran doctrine, and as a way of clarifying the differences between the LCMS and other Lutherans.   For those coming from other denominations, these classes provide a thorough overview of the Bible’s’ central and foundational teachings and beliefs.

Adult Confirmation

This eleven week course is open to anyone (9th grade and older) to instruct them in the basic teachings of Holy Scripture and is especially designed for people who wish to join the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod through our congregation.

Classes are usually held on Thursday evenings in the Fall and Spring.  Special arrangements can be made with pastor for those individuals with schedule conflicts that desire to become members of the church.  There is no mandatory memory work, but home study for each class is a requirement.