Preschool Curriculum

To carry out our goal of nurturing the whole child, the curriculum at LLCP will include a wide variety of developmentally-appropriate themes, centers, hand-on activities, and circle times that will help children grow in all areas listed below:

  • listening
  • social skills
  • language development
  • reading readiness
  • writing readiness
  • math readiness
  • whole language-based literature
  • art and music
  • physical development

Curriculum and Instruction (IQPPS 4) Early Learning Standards

Early Learning Standards

Creative Curriculum

Gold Assessments


Through our “One in Christ” curriculum, the children will come to know Jesus as their friend and Savior from sin.  They will learn about the hope of eternal life in heaven, the blessings of forgiveness, and the promise of God’s help in their every day life.

Age-appropriate materials and activities (Bible stories, songs, prayers, pictures, etc.) will help them grow in their faith and understanding of God.  Parents receive a weekly guide to help reinforce the concepts taught in preschool.

In addition to this, there are monthly chapels with our Pastor or Director of Christian Education (DCE).  Family members are invited to attend these monthly chapels which take place in our church sanctuary.